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How RFID Technology is Elevating Business Asset Tracking and Management

Michael Lallana Mila Venture Group

Radio Frequency Identification technology, commonly known as RFID, has started to scale into the operational systems of a wide variety of companies that have a need to accurately track multiple assets in large volumes.

The real-time information that is capable through this wireless technology can help companies reduce costs, enhance manpower time and efficiency, increase accuracy, and improve overall production performance.

The technology is enabled using RFID tags (attached to inventory or equipment) and an RFID reader, which receives and broadcasts information. These RFID readers have the ability to scan multiple tags at the same time, assuring fast and accurate inventory auditing and management as the errors and mistakes of manual inventory keeping are immediately eliminated.

One of my roles as Chief Operations Officer for Kinetic RFID, an innovative provider of asset tracking technology to the hospitality industry, has given me first hand experience to how RFID technology can impact operations processes, and a company’s bottom-line.

Let’s look at hotels and the hospitality industry. One of the largest expenses within these venues is the cost of towels, sheets and related linens. The ability to manage linen loss as it circulates around the hotel, leaves the property for laundry servicing and returns presents a huge challenge. Linen losses and depletion in inventory negatively impacts budgets and revenue, and can also disrupt the customer experience through inefficient allocation of items. By automating the process with the placement of an RFID chip on every towel and piece of linen, manual errors are eliminated and linen inventory can quickly and precisely be tracked and audited in real-time throughout the hotel.

When the tracking of assets is automated with RFID technology, a hotel or any business immediately benefits from access to the live information about the location and movement of each and every asset. Instant audits will show managers exactly where an item is at any given time, which also helps reduce loss through theft. It also guarantees accurate distribution of each item to its proper place.

The level of accuracy that RFID is bringing into company asset management is immediate and indisputable: optimization of operational systems and ROI through stabilizing losses and large-scale replacement costs.

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