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How To Increase Downloads For Mobile Apps

Michael Lallana Mila Venture Group

If you've developed a brand new mobile phone application, worked out all the usability kinks and ported it to Android or Apple iOS, without a doubt you should feel accomplished. Unfortunately, regardless of the lack of competition in your particular niche, how well-developed your program is or how well it works on whatever devices has no bearing on how well the app itself will be received in the marketplace.

Here are a few ways you can actively generate interest in your mobile application and subsequently increase downloads.

It's All In The Description

Your app's description should clearly, comprehensively and succinctly make the case to users that they will find the app useful and beneficial to their lives. Use plenty of search-optimized keywords that are relevant to what your app does, but be careful about having too many. As the keywords field in iTunes Connect is limited to 100 characters, maximize this opportunity by choosing the most recognizable keywords and separating multiple tags with commas. However, be careful about utilizing keywords that are overused or generalized. The consequence of this is that when very general keywords are typed into the search engine, numerous results are generated and this may make it challenging for users to find your app in the marketplace.

Seek Opportunities In Foreign Markets

It certainly does not hurt to have your app available for download outside the United States. That being said, this will require that the written content within your app and its description should be competently translated into the same languages that are spoken by the clients you want to reach. As a precaution, have your description translated ahead of time into such commonly used languages as French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean. The browser version of Google Translate is mostly accurate, but for sake of clarity, it is an exceptionally good idea to double-check your work. If necessary, seek the assistance of a native speaker of the desired language to ensure accuracy.

Make A Video

As communications technology has become more widespread and sophisticated, YouTube has become a popular outlet for people promoting their various products and services, as it appeals in particular to individuals who characterize themselves as "visual people," meaning that their capacity for taking in and retaining information is relative to what they can see. As such, making a descriptive instructional video is an absolute must, as it will serve as a teaching tool and help generate interest in your product. With that in mind, you would do well to hire a professional video crew, complete with voiceover talent to make a video that will get people excited about your app. It also is necessary to include subtitles for local languages, as this will reach clientele in foreign markets.

Get The Word Out By Any Means Necessary

Not all mobile app developers have the luxury of investor backed media budgets for large scale advertising and promotional campaigns. Fortunately, there are numerous free cloud-based resources to bring exposure to your app, such as online classified ads and link exchange programs. There are also services that handle press release distribution, such as PRWeb and MarketWired. Some of these particular types of outfits offer their services for free or for a reasonable price. The important thing is to make sure that you shop around and find services that can bring exposure to your app within your realistic budget allocation.

Social media can not be ignored for drawing attention to brand new apps. Look to use the social channels that target the right audience to promote your app. Importantly, don't be shy to ask your friends and relatives to spread the word about your app with their friends on social media.

Show Photos of Your App in Action

Using clear, crisp, high-resolution screenshots of real people using your app on a device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet will make an impression on users as it will show your product in action. Make sure the app can clearly be seen on the device, and have anywhere from three to six screenshots, each one containing a different instance of the app.

Use A Cover Image For Google Play

If you are offering your app through GooglePlay, a unique, eye-catching cover image will draw attention, generate interest and increase downloads. Try to avoid using screenshots, but if you must, make sure that they are proportionally sized in the interest of giving your users the notion that you are a well-respected professional with a popular new product that deserves respect.


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