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Should The Workplace Be Chillax with Fidget Spinners?

Michael Lallana Mila Venture Group

Some are saying it helps them focus. Others, that it helps to chill the nerves. Of course, there's also the simple fun of it all. But, when I walked in on an office fidget spinner challenge recently, I wasn't sure whether to stop it or join in. We can't always be too serious in a work environment, right? We need to mix in the fun and jokes whenever we can.

There's definitely an argument for and against fidget spinners in the office. I go along with it helping to relieve stress. As well as stirring up the creativity.

Yet, in modern, open working space environments where privacy can sometimes be a lightweight cubicle at most, the argument for protecting the disturbance of your co-workers must be considered. And let's not ignore the potential path of destruction of the accidental wayward spinner freed of it's controller's chillaxing clutches.

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