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How To Maximize Marketing on a Small Budget.

Michael Lallana Mila Venture Group

More often than not, entrepreneurs and small business owners have to market with limited resources and small budgets. Fortunately, there are steps an emerging small business can take to enhance its visibility in the marketplace. With due diligence, even the smallest budgets return significant rewards.

4 Tactical Tips that will help get the most out of your budget:

Core Message

Before beginning any marketing efforts, it is critical to define the business' core message. This requires defining the reason for existing is and the points of difference fem competitors. Make sure the positioning message is conveyed across all marketing efforts, such as a website, business cards, or fliers. Consistency is key in creating a cohesive and effective campaign.

Get Online

Once a core message is solidified, a company absolutely must get online. There are almost no reasons for a business to forgo this platform. Low-cost options are abound, and many are intuitive and simple to set up. As potential buyers are becoming more and more Web-savvy, they are seeking out companies, goods, and services online.

By not having a detectable Web presence, businesses are missing out on countless sales and leads. Even the most basic websites can convey what a business does, what it offers, and how consumers can contact representatives. This can lead to growing business opportunities, as well as increased credibility.

Become a Visible Expert

Another powerful way to drive a company forward is becoming recognized as an industry expert. This is often one of the most affordable and subtle techniques. A great way to do so is authoring articles on industry topics. These can appear on a company blog, as a guest blog post on industry websites, or as articles in the news. For example, if a home insurance company wants to become better regarded, it can offer advice on preventing mold damage in the home or address minor appliance repairs.

If a company chooses to create its own blog, it must stay on the radar. Blogs give a more personal face to a company, and can help enhance its reputation. However, if left unattended, the blog can do more harm than good. Consumers who see a blog whose last update was six months ago may perceive it as less credible.

To avoid this and leverage a blog's power, add new posts at least once a week. In addition, take note of comments left by readers, and make sure to respond. This is not only an opportunity to create a personality for the company, but it is also a powerful tool in getting helpful and unsolicited feedback from consumers.

Social Networking

Another effective way to reach out and stay relevant is to engage in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp to name some of the most popular. These platforms allow companies to engage with customers in a conversational way as well as deliver visual interest.

When you get into the conversation with your target customers and engage them with interesting messaging and content, it starts to build a very valuable audience base. This audience can be leveraged to share and spread the word on promotional offers, new products; as well as get direct feedback on your products and services. So treat them well!


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