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3 Winning Tips That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Michael Jordan’s Game Play

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There’s no argument Michael Jordan’s days on the court puts him as one of the most skilled athletes in the world. Many fans will affirm that Jordan is the GOAT (greatest of all time), playing basketball with a rare efficiency that little to no other will come close to ever comparing with. From the moment that Jordan stepped onto the NBA court, he always excelled and dominated the sport of Basketball like few athletes ever have or will. Jordan is credited with having turned the Chicago Bulls into a dynasty. Many claim that he was always great at electrifying crowds with his skill, energy, professionalism, and style. Today Jordan is easily still one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, which isn't a bad accomplishment for a man who was once cut from his own high-school basketball team.

Jordan’s success off court has been recognized as equally as successful, both for his successful entrepreneurial endeavors and ownership of the Charlotte Hornets, as well as his Nike brand partnership and other endorsements.

So what can entrepreneurs learn and embrace from this All-Star MVP player and most-marketed sports figure? Here are 3 valuable tips that entrepreneurs can apply to “winning like Mike:”

Play to Win

Michael Jordan’s winning achievements are undeniable. Of all the players in history, he is number three all time in points scored, he's had fourteen All-Star Game appearances, and more. He's achieved a myriad of different titles and impressive awards, including six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Awards, and that isn't all. His skills, determination, and passion is what many say kept him going and helped him to achieve the highest accomplishments possible within the game of basketball and life. Jordan made the sacrifices that were required in order to help push his team toward success and the finish line.

Jordan’s attitude was not to settle for anything less than being the best. It was this winning mindset that helped him to achieve the highest accomplishments possible not only within the game of basketball but in everything that he chose to do in his life.

Develop your business “game” and play to win. Get to really know and understand your market, consumers and competitors. Differentiate your business in a way that stands out against the competition, attracts consumers and gets people talking about your business – both online and offline. Nurture your loyal consumers, ask for their feedback and learn from their feedback to keep your products and services relevant. By being connected and attuned to your consumer, you’ll know how to keep a winning plan in place to scale and continue to drive your success.

Learn From The Failed Shots

For all the shots that Jordan made he missed many, including game winning shots. Did this deter his determination? No. Jordan embraced his failures, learned from them and turned them into his success. He never deterred from playing to win.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you will have knocks and challenges and strong competition to contend with. You’ll even have outright failures that might leave you feeling deflated and even second-guessing your motivation to continue moving your business forward.

If success is not growing at the rate you expect or want, or you are experiencing a decline in business, do not define yourself with failure. Evaluate what is not working in your business model, learn what you can do differently and keep going. A failed shot does not mean that you are out of the game!

Lead and Inspire

Jordan led The Chicago Bulls to six NBA Championship wins. He did it not through focusing on his solo talent, but by recognizing the power of teamwork.

If you want your business to grow, you cannot rely on your talent alone. It takes a team of talented professionals each with their own individual skills working congruently toward your winning vision. The ability to lead and inspire your team through example and action is critical. This way every one on the team will know exactly what they can do to make their mark on making success happen.


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