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A comprehensive local SEO guide to boost your Google Rankings

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With the stiff online competition for local businesses, your business needs to rank highly on Google’s search results. Here is a step-by-step local SEO guide that will catapult your local business website to the top of the list.

1. Select the right keywords

You should make a list of simple keywords that describe your products or services. Also, ensure that you sign up for a free GoogleAdWords account to gain free access to Google Keyword Planner. Your list of keywords should be categorized into two groups, namely buying intent and research intent.

2. Optimize your keywords

Website Optimization: Ensure that your title tag and meta description are focused on describing your products or services, location, name of your practice and a catchy call to action. Make certain that you include accurate Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) details of your business when creating content.

Google My Business: Remember, Google prefers showing Google My Business pages for several local searches. In order for your Google My Business page to rank highly you must comprehensively work on its:

• Verification


• Categories

• Description

• Hours

• Images

3. Develop citations and links

It is crucial to ensure that you are listed in directories like and your town’s Chamber of Commerce site. You NAP has to be identical across all your listings. You can use MozLocal to confirm the accuracy of your NAP. Implement a link building campaign that will generate backlinks from authoritative websites like Wikipedia.

4. Request reviews

Google My Business reviews are very vital in boosting your overall rankings on Google. You can get these valuable reviews on your Google profile by sending your customers an email with a direct link of where to post their reviews.

Once you have implemented the four steps above, you should monitor the performance of your business site to see what works and what’s not. You can use a tool like to track your local SEO rankings and make improvements where necessary.

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